Which school would be the best for my child?

Does this question haunt you?

Like millions of other parents, if you are also confused about making the right choice amongst the shortlisted schools, here is a 5 minute quiz that would help you make an informed choice.

How it Works?

This tool is designed to help you choose the right school for your child.


Enter names of the schools you have shortlisted


Rate each school on the questions asked


Our algorithm will calculate the most suitable school


Recieve a detailed report about your choice

Frequently Asked Questions

This tool was created by Gems Genesis International School (GGIS) from Ahmedabad. GGIS is a progressive school that believes in empowering the parent community. This tool is a response to the growing need of parents to make a better and informed choice rather than follow the herds.
You are free to select a school of your choice. The results here are indicative and may not be accurate.
Each school is rated on a variety of parameters by the parent based on his/her knowledge of the school.Each parameter carries a weight assigned to it and the final score is calculated based on the parent's rating and the weight assigned.The parameters are comprehensive and encompass areas parents usually overlook when they make hear-say decisions.
This is tool was carefully created by eminent educationists and technologists after decades of on-field experience. It is not biased towards any Board or school rather it provides a framework for parents to think clearly when it comes to choosing a school.
Yes, you can retake the survey. The results may change or remain the same based on your inputs.
Yes. We do not favour any Board or school. We only provide a framework for parents to think clearly.
NO. The tool helps you think clearly and make an informed choice. It is not meant to help you with application or admissions.
We consider the obvious parameters like Boards, Fees etc but we also consider the other intangible but important parameters like teaching methodology, global exposure, happiness of the students etc.